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What is Psychometric Testing

The Benefits
Taking psychometric test at the time of admission
Knowing candidates learning style, aptitude helps faculty members to enhance the skills of the candidates.
Choosing candidates most suitable for the course offered by the college to ensure great results.
Knowing the leadership qualities of the candidate, A good student council can be formed.
Know the aptitudes of the candidates separate batches can be planned. e.g. candidates weak in communication skills can be sent to special session on it.
These tests provide valuable feedbacks to the college that might not be recognize in the interview alone.
Use of personality and ability assessments can also help the candidates to get the confidence that they are suitable for the course, they are opting for.
These tests improves the efficiency of selection process by identifying the most suitable candidates for the course.
Results are more informed selection decisions by providing additional objective information about the candidate.
These tests are tried and tested in leading organinsations.
Taking psychometric test at the time of placement
These tests works better than interview alone.
All the report supplied provide practical, jargon free information. So that at a glance someone’s strengths and development needs can be identified.
These tests assist the college in precise profiling prior to the interview during campus placements.
These test helps in identifying the key skills and abilities required for a particular job or role.
Tests are available for all levels of courses. Like for Engineering, MBA, Education etc.
A small set of questions dig deep into 7 personality areas.
These tests are useful in testing the positive Intolerance, which means risking your own popularity to push for exemplary project execution.
These tests evaluates the stability in pressured commercial environments.
Assess their ability to make good commercial decisions fast.
Assess their ability to communicate clearly under pressure.
In short it assesses their ability to lead projects.
Personality Development
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The Advantages
Standardized and objective; everyone is treated equally and therefore fairly
Candidates who have good "interview technique" are not unduly advantaged
Usually quick and easy to score
Typically much more reliable, consistent and free from error than other assessment methods
Statistical research suggests that many aspects of job performance can be predicted from test results. Indeed, tests seem to be much more effective in this regard than most other selection methods.
Per usage costs are low, sometimes as little as $3 per person. Because most tests can be administered in groups of up to 15, there are considerable savings of time and hence expense.
In general, tests measure the attributes they are designed to measure very effectively.